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Navigation Help

The simplest way to navigate around this website is to return to the previous page using the "back" button of your browser and clicking on one of the main links. You can also use the "bread crumbs" in the top left corner of the window to move back several levels. Another method of navigation is through the Site Map. The sitemap can be userful in case you are looking for a particular topic.

Hyperlinks are shown in a gray color. Most pictures can also be clicked. If the page is available, you will be taken to that page. Otherwise you might not go anywhere or you may get to see an enlarged picture. Not too consistent yet, but that will come.

Some of my albums require Macromedia's Flash Player. If you are viewing one of my albums created using the Bananalbum skin, you can click the image to get to the next image, use the arrow keys (forward and back) to navigate the images, click on a particular thumbnail, or start the slide show with the little white triange button on the left hand side of the currently displayed image.

Get Macromedia Flash Player